A Better Life


Today I hurt due to the situation I’m in
And I am lost in the direction that I’m goin’
I work so hard for a better day, a better life
And it’s not enough for me to just survive

Don’t get me wrong for I am proud of my achievements
But success is hollow when it’s not what you believe in
So I’m longing for a better day while there’s still time
For me to be the one I dream of in my mind

Every day it all seems wrong, I can barely take it
It’s not the place where I should be
But I stop myself from fallin’ down, for I need to make it
To drive regret out to the sea and realize a golden dream

It is often that my mind has drifted elsewhere
Now if I can only find the way to get there
For if I could find the way from A to B
I am certain everything would change for me

In many ways I’m still a child who is full of wonder
Dreamin’ of what life can be about
But in other ways I’m just a man who is torn asunder
By strains of fear and endless doubt and I feel like screaming out

Destiny is in my grasp for I can see it
It is waiting there for me to simply reach it
I work so hard for a better day, a better life
And it’s finally time for me to feel alive and have a better life.


Scott Krokoff – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bob Stander – electric guitar, bass
Paul Errico – keyboards, hammond b-3 organ
Steve Holley – drums

Written by Scott Krokoff
Produced, engineered & mixed by Bob Stander
Mastered by Gene Paul at G & J Audio
Cover Photo by Melissa Dierna
Cover Art by Pursuit Design

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