Krokoff’s crystalline and strong voice serenades us with his pleasant phrasing, making us not only recognize, but feel the ease of finding your soulmate. The fusion of jazz and samba instrumentals consisting of light percussion, acoustic guitar, and light keys allows us to feel at home in the best way. ‘Fortunately’ is a song you’ll want to hold your loved ones close to, and find harmony with one another while swaying along to the music.
– Music Crowns [See Full Article]

Having opened for the likes of Elle King and established himself as a regular performer at venues across his home city of New York, Scott Krokoff has long since been an artist to watch. Not afraid to blend sounds and styles, he’s a musician whose work often provides a little something for everyone and combines folk-rock with country pop to create exciting, thought-provoking and utterly compelling Americana.
– PopWrapped [See Full Article]

With emotional and heartfelt lyrics, combined with melodic and infectious hooks, Scott Krokoff has continued to make a name for himself in a time when true singer/songwriters like Scott are overshadowed by top-40 pop music.
– Music-News [See Full Article]

Upbeat and brimming with tantalizing washes of sound, as well as the rich voice of Scott Krokoff, “Far Too Many Times” bubbles with satisfying sonic layers.
– XS Noize [See Full Article]

Opening on gleaming guitars and a low, braying organ, the intro to “Almost There” conjures up vague suggestions of Dickie Betts. The undulation of the mid-tempo rhythm topped by delicious folk-rock leitmotifs and Krokoff’s cashmere, passionate vocals sculpt a smooth, shimmering tune, dripping with probing lyrics.
– V13 [See Full Article]

With “Far Too Many Times,” Scott Krokoff delivers an infectious, driving song full of vibrant energy.
– Muzique Magazine [See Full Article]

The elements that I love most about his music are the honesty and vulnerability he's not afraid to show in his lyrics. His songs are a series of open windows on his most secret feelings - the feelings that we all have deep in our hearts but that sometimes we are too proud or ashamed to admit. ... His latest release "Almost There" makes no exception to this, showing up the frustrating feeling of always arriving "almost there, but never quite" at our goals.
– Laura Meets Musicians [See Full Article]

What I personally love most of his music are his wonderful lyrics, melted with unique and often sweet harmonies.
– Laura Meets Musicians [See Full Article]

The second that kick drum comes in to start [My Own Terms], you can't help but immediately want to hop in a convertible, put your arms out and ride off into the next chapter of your life.
– Music-News [See Full Article]

With honest lyrics, Krokoff shares his intimate thoughts with the listener that sometimes he can fall into a dark state of mind. ... Every one goes through ups and downs in life, and it's commendable for Krokoff to go so deep and truthful about his own experience. We can all relate.
– Music-News [See Full Article]

“Cubicle” is a sublimely gorgeous song, rife with infectiously nuanced energy engulfing creamy surface colors, as well as an indulgent melancholic frisson. Without a doubt, “Cubicle” is one of the best songs so far this year.
– Medium [See Full Article]

With “Cubicle,” Scott Krokoff has produced a song of proximate sensitive beauty so extraordinary that it seems to have a vitality of its own.
– Tattoo [See Full Article]

What I heard when I first listened to “Cubicle” was gorgeous stripped down Americana, full of understated ornamentation. This is an extraordinarily superb song.
– CelebMix [See Full Article]

His music is lilting and generous in its tendencies to dispense melodies that’ll have you humming for days.
– Nooga [See Full Article]

[I Got Nothing] deals with a familiar theme to anyone who’s ever had a crush on a friend (so, basically everyone) and what happened when he tried to take the relationship from platonic to romantic. Maybe whatever inspired this track was a bit of a blow, but for Krokoff, this musical renaissance has been long overdue.
– PopDose [See Full Article]

Our regular listeners know we've long been fans of this New York singer-songwriter, who writes very personal, relatable songs with catchy tunes.
– Birch Street Radio [See Full Article]

Scott writes personal but very accessible lyrics and packages them with a sound that reminds us of The Wallflowers and The Jayhawks, among others.
– Birch Street Radio [See Full Article]

The songwriter is adamant that one should never put a shelf life on their dreams and these principles are reflected in his graceful tales of morality and perseverance.
– The Vinyl District [See Full Article]

In quite a few places throughout Realizations & Declarations, Vol #2 my thoughts drifted back that bouncy, emotionally evocative energy always present on a Joni Mitchell record.
– Bearded Magazine [See Full Article]

While there is a certain joy in discovering edgy music that reimagines the rules, there is another type of joy in discovering music that is new and fresh but sounds deliciously familiar. ... In a world of old styles clashing with new fads, the sort of familiarity Scott pulls off will be welcomed by many - they will be left very content.
– Sahars Blog [See Full Article]

Existing separately from genre constraints, I Got Nothing is a tremendous introduction to Scott’s musical style.
– NeuFutur Magazine [See Full Article]

Scoff Krokoff from New York is proof that you can break down the stereotypes musicians or in his case, lawyers have. The practising lawyer is proving himself as a musician too. He lends a big influence from a range of talented singer songwriters from The Beatles to Tom Petty and he utilises them wholeheartedly and efficiently.
– Music and Other Thingsz [See Full Article]

An acoustic based songcrafter, his tunes are melody driven; incorporating finger picking styles of greats such as James Taylor and Lindsay Buckingham with the country and roots vibes of Tom Petty and Neil Young.
– Indie Music Discovery [See Full Article]

New York lawyer and singer, Scott Krokoff, takes a lawful approach to upbeat folk rock/pop songs on his latest release, Realizations & Declarations Vol. 1. The folk music is pop-driven with catchy rhythms and melodies, and roots-driven with throbbing B3-type sounds.
– Inside World Music [See Full Article]

There seems to be an ever blurring line between country, folk and pop. The best example of this has been Shania Twain. The country purists shudder at her name, but she’s certainly done the country genre an enormous service, taking it places it’s never been. Scott Krokoff, has that same feel to his music.
– Indie Launchpad [See Full Article]

– Rock Times (Germany) [See Full Article]

– Keys and Chords (Belgium) [See Full Article]

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