With a rich sound drawn primarily from his love of 60s and 70s music, New Yorker Scott Krokoff (pron: Crow-Cough) weaves elements of folk rock & country pop into confessional and compelling Americana. He is an evocative and introspective songwriter with a style that is reminiscent of Tom Petty and James Taylor and a voice that sounds like a mix of Jackson Browne and Steve Winwood. Scott has opened for Elle King, and in addition to being a regular performer in the NYC scene he has also performed live throughout Europe.

Scott is a prolific writer and is known for crafting “graceful tales of morality and perseverance” (The Vinyl District) with relatable themes and “melodies that’ll have you humming for days” (Nooga). To date, Scott has released 3 albums and several singles, including four singles with over 100,000 streams on Spotify.  PopWrapped calls Scott “an artist to watch” and Music Crowns calls Scott’s latest release – 2022’s Fortunately – “a song you’ll want to hold your loved ones close to, and find harmony with one another while swaying along to the music.”

In addition to his musical endeavors, Scott is also a practicing lawyer with a young family and is adamant that, while maintaining that work-life balance, one should never put a shelf life on his or her dreams. As such, many of Scott’s songs document this pursuit and his passion to persevere with his music, and the importance of taking risks in life as well as the consequences of not taking them.

Scott maintains an active social presence particularly on Instagram (over 15,000 followers) where Scott can be seen every Monday at 2pm ET at @scottkrokoffmusic performing his well-received One Up One Down One Cover livestream. Scott also co-hosts (with his good friend, Jeff Jacobs) The Writer’s Room, a curated songwriter showcase in NYC.

People of all ages have found Scott’s music appealing and inspirational, relating to his music not only because of the terrific rhythm and energy each song possesses but because he represents the desire we each have to dream big and live life to the fullest.

Notable accomplishments:
2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition – Semi-finalist for “Far Too Many Times” (Americana category)
2021 International Songwriting Competition – Semi-finalist for “Far Too Many Times” (Americana and Music Video categories)
2021 UK Songwriting Contest – Finalist for “Far Too Many Times” (Music Video category); Semi-finalist for “Far Too Many Times” (Folk, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, Lyrics Only and Official Release categories)
2020 International Songwriting Competition – Semi-finalist for “My Own Terms”
2019 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance – Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase (selected by Sonny Ochs – sister of the late Phil Ochs)
2015 UK Songwriting Contest – “Scared Little Boy” (Finalist – Singer/Songwriter Category)

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