Teresa Jane


Most will try to be the most that they are able
By steering past the pain and steering past the tears
But some will close their eyes while reading from the fables
That talk about persevering through the fear

I don’t understand why some things seem to be planned
Or why some pages always feel alive
Like when they first were read
Simple or complex
There’s one that’s neatly kept
With a girl I never met
Teresa Jane

Teresa preferred to spend her time helping others
As she was often seen defending peoples rights
But when it was time for her to look into the mirror
She would waste the hours drinking through the night

And while her mind’s adrift she wanders far from where she sits
And then she stumbles out the open door
Feeling all alone
The future seems too cold
So she makes a home in the falling snow
While the night fades

Teresa was well loved by those who came to know her
But she fell to the strain of living day to day
She confided to the spirits of the bottle
Hoping that they would conceal her dismay

I am unaware of the demon and the bear
But in time only one will stand and cry
That some will feel the cue
To take a sip or two
Don’t berate the fool
You might cave in too like Teresa Jane


Scott Krokoff – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bob Stander – electric guitar, bass
Paul Errico – piano, hammond b-3 organ
Steve Holley – drums

Written by Scott Krokoff
Produced, engineered & mixed by Bob Stander
Mastered by Gene Paul at G & J Audio
Cover Photo by Melissa Dierna
Cover Art by Pursuit Design

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