The Vow


We've been gathered here today
on this lovely autumn day
To see 2 people joined together
And see their dreams turn into reality
At the altar there they stand
Waiting for their moment at last
Soon they will be joined together
And we sit silent as the groom begins to say…

I have searched for you all my life
Now at last you’ll soon be my wife
You’re the only one I’m meant for
You’re the only one I trust with everything
There is nothing I need to hide
I can say what I feel inside
I can tell you all my fears
I can cry out all my tears
‘cause I know you’ll be there for me.

After his vow is spoken
He slowly takes her hand
And tries to see her hidden face
For now the time has come to hear his bride say…

When I met you I knew at once
That for me love had finally come
Whenever we are not together
It’s as if forever has come and gone
Is this real or is this a dream
Or is this simply how love is meant to be
I’ve waited for this time to come
So I can be with you, my love, for the remainder of my days

After her vow is spoken
He slowly lifts her veil
And sees the warm glow of her face
And their new life begins with a kiss and embrace


Scott Krokoff - vocals, acoustic guitar
Jon Preddice - cello

Written by Scott Krokoff
Produced, engineered & mixed by Bob Stander
Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio
Cover Photo by Tom Nycz
Cover Art by Pursuit Design and Round 2 Design

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