Walter Mitty


Walter Mitty would be proud of me
For duplicating his own legacy
‘cause nothing’s ever said
it’s all stuck in my head
and I don’t know how to say just what I need

Don’t say nothing, ‘cause I fear the worst
But it’s ironic, saying nothing hurts
So I drift day to day
With not much to convey
‘cause I don’t have what it takes to stand and lead

But never fear ‘cause in my dreams
I live in a world that’s so serene
Where in my mind I am a star
A trailblazer going far
But back on earth I’m just a timid man

I try to live inside my dreams
But that kind of world’s not what it seems
In my mind I’ve done it all
But out here I’ve hit the wall
And back on earth I’m just a timid man

You might be thinking, yes, you may inquire
Why I don’t tell you what my heart desires
Something that I dread
Those thoughts in my head
May, after all, not amount to much for me
It might be worse if I don’t succeed


Scott Krokoff - acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Bob Stander - bass, electric guitar
Paul Errico - keys
Steve Holley - drums

Written by Scott Krokoff
Produced, engineered & mixed by Bob Stander
Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio
Cover Photo by Tom Nycz
Cover Artwork by Pursuit Design and Round 2 Design

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