You and Me


You and me we’ve been married for 3 years
This is just the start of what’s to come my dear
Ahead is a new world that’s only for you and I
Where I can spend my time with you as the days go by

It all seems like it happened yesterday
When we both exchanged our vows on our wedding day
Sometimes I still breathe the air of that afternoon
And bask in the glowing rays of the sun that June

And ever since I’ve lived each day so easily
For you and me have lived happily
And unlike when I was without you years before
I am not so lonely anymore

Now and then I reflect on how we’ve grown
As I view the pictures displayed within our home
Thinking of just where I’d be without you here
For differences between us have slowly disappeared

Looking toward the future now through time I see
You and me raising a family
And with each day that passes I’ll be thankful for
All the love you’ve brought to me forever more
For it’s become the core of you and me


Scott Krokoff – vocal, acoustic guitar
Bob Stander – bass
Paul Errico – hammond b-3 organ
Steve Holley – drums

Written by Scott Krokoff
Produced, engineered & mixed by Bob Stander
Mastered by Gene Paul at G & J Audio
Cover Photo by Melissa Dierna
Cover Art by Pursuit Design

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